Friday, August 16, 2013

8.2 outfit

I found an old cardigan. I took it to DBC to keep it there so if I wear a real jacket I'm in luck.

These jeans fit me the best of all my jeans right now. They are the best of my 5 pairs of maternity jeans. It's odd because I have 2 pairs from Asos that are the same except color and these fit better.  I wish they were a little looser in the calves. I think i must half fat calves for what size my waist/hips are.  (yet I have skinny calves for what size my feet are)


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    1. Thanks. I'm actually wearing it today. It's a little loose in the chest though so I feel a little scandalous.

  2. It's funny because your calves don't look big at all. I wonder who decides all of these things.

    1. I feel like they think skinny jeans are like a triangle so your calves have to be x% smaller than your thighs but if you are pretty skinny in the waist thigh area then it's all wrong.

      I notice some people who wear a size 20 or so have about the same size calves as me when they wear skinny jeans. (perhaps the people who wear size 20 and don't wear skinny jeans are because their legs aren't like a triangle)