Friday, January 10, 2014

Week 3 (1.10)

Ella has been awake a lot more this week.  I swear her favorite thing to do is struggle. She likes struggling to accomplish something. She likes to eat every hour instead of every 3 during the day at times. It's crazy.
1.5 - She tried out her swing.
I forgot to weigh Ella this morning so I weighed her at 6:30 PM. She was 8 lb 7 oz (or 8 lb 6.5 oz because the scale kept fluctuating). We measured her for the first time at home and she seemed to be 21.5 inches long.   If I can subtract in my tired state, she gained 10 oz in the past week.
In the evening Ella sometimes has a fussy time for an hour or so.
1.7 Cuddling
She's a little bit better at recognizing faces now. She likes to hold her head up more. We've done less tummy time this week or at least fewer pictures of tummy time.
1.9 - She was swaddled
She went to Target and Sprouts for her first time this week. Then we went to Pizza My Heart. She started to get fussy before I was done eating so Dave took her to the car while I finished up. The person who heats up the pizza delivered our pizza, I think to get another look at Ella.
Ella has gotten baby acne this week.

Ella tried to breast feed on Dave. After a little bit of it, he told me I should check it out.
I wanted some family pictures today but that never happened.
Sachi visited today and brought Ella a present from India. Now Ella has an engraved bowl.

Now for a little update on me.  I have lost 25.2 lbs so far and have 15.7 to go to hit my pre-pregnancy weight. My belly is still about 10 inches bigger than pre-pregnancy.  I still can't wear jeans (not even maternity jeans) because it hits my incision wrong. Looking at my pregnancy collage, I think I look like I'm about 14 weeks pregnant. Granted my inches are probably more than I was back then I'm just bigger all over now.  My bet is that I'll need new jeans considering for the 6 months before I got pregnant most of my jeans stopped fitting. I think I only had 2 that would fit the last 3 or so months before I even got pregnant. And one of those 2 pairs requires wearing 4 inch heels since the jeans are very long.   I've gone for a few walks. The pace has been just over a 20 minute pace but it seems really slow to me. I can also feel if I'm overdoing it around the house. I don't want to slow healing so I'm not doing things that might mess me up. I sent my doctor a message today asking a few questions. I love that the practice does email so I don't have to call or make an appointment.  My belly is really tender below the belly button and above the incision. Just touching it make it hurt and it doesn't have to be pressure. I'm not sure how normal that is.

The picture to the right isn't very good but it is one from me today.  I thought I could hide how I still look pregnant since that seems to be what most people do on blogs I read but I decided to just post a side profile picture and do the opposite of hiding it!


  1. I don't think I blogged about myself much and the most you can see of my waist is in the newborn pictures, where I was extremely self conscious. I think having a C Section will be worse for you recovery wise just because of the incision but I haven't experienced it myself so that's just a guess.

    Anyways, so I did put in my blog when I was back to pre-pregnancy weight and I think it was around the 9 month mark. I know I dropped quite a bit fairly quickly, once I bounced back from the birth. But I couldn't fit into my old work pants at the 12 week mark so I bought some new pairs. About 6-7 months in though I started wearing my regular work pants and when I got to my pre-pregnancy weight I was wearing my original jeans. They don't fit exactly the same as they did before. It's weird. I'm going to wait until I'm done nursing because I think things will probably change again there, and then figure out what to buy to wear and maybe get new pants that fit better. They do fit but I have a gut now. :( And I am shaped differently. I'm not sure that will ever go back. We'll see!

    1. Yea I was trying to hide my belly in different pictures I've taken. I can tell my belly has gotten smaller each week. I hope next week it continues.

      I think c-section is worse for recovery in doing things so thus burning calories is less. but I never had a vaginal birth to compare.

      I decided to write a bit about me because later I'll be curious.

      I don't know when I'll buy new clothes but I'll have to buy some if my pants won't fit again. My hips are 3 inches or more bigger than they used to be.

  2. Give it time you'll bounce back. I think you are looking great already though! I'm glad you wrote about yourself, because I'm always curious about that aspect and I think most new moms tend to avoid the subject. It took me 6 months to lose all of my baby weight but I also gained twice as much as you. You'll be fine! :) I am in love with that video of Ella sneezing. She is so so cute. I just want a little bitty baby again looking at all of this.

    1. I feel like I looked more pregnant in my outfit yesterday than the picture shows above. I think I could have looked better if I wore a real bra. Oh well.

      I thought of doing a separate post about me then realized I don't have time for that!

      :) She is cute. I'm glad she can have that affect on you.