Sunday, January 19, 2014


I like that I captured Ella looking at me. Granted, it's not even a clear picture.
Taking another picture of us. 

I cuddled with Ella and Poly joined us. I think Poly just thought I had a blanket with me not a little person. It was so hard to get a picture to get everyone so I tried to pull off a panoramic picture without seeing and i think it turned out alright. 
I forget why I had to put Ella down quickly. I might have been putting on shoes. I propped her up since she's a big girl. Oh man in this picture she looks cross eyed.
After Ella's bath she was miserable until we took her outside. Online they say to make a room warm. Then they say to cuddle with your baby after so they don't get too cold. Ella does not like this. She wants the room cold and wants to be cold outside after. 

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