Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1.15 - Olive Garden

We went to Olive Garden. We tried a few days earlier but she started crying in the parking lot so we didn't even go in and ended up getting cheesesteaks and heading home. 
It was so hot inside Olive Garden, that we took of Ella's socks. We knew she would not cooperate. It was awfully warm outside that day but was worse inside.  I decided to take Ella outside after we ordered and before the salad arrived. I thought she might be able to cool off a little and allow us to eat.  She wouldn't stay in her carrier though. She started to cry and we didn't want her ruining everyone else's lunch so I held her.
I held her while I ate my salad. It was hard to cut up the lettuce with 1 hand.
When the meal came, I held her and took a couple bites. Once Dave was done, he held her and I ate.
He ended up taking her to the car a minute or so before I was done eating. That wasn't too bad. We at least made it through our first sit down meal. I think she would have lasted in her carrier if it wasn't so hot in the restaurant.  People around us had on sweaters or light jackets. They must have been dying.
There are more pictures from January 15.


  1. That's too bad it was so hot. I don't even remember the first place we took Parker to eat out. Now I wish I had written it down. But I do miss being able to eat with him just sitting in the carrier. Now taking him to a restaurant is a huge pain. Toddlers are not fun dining companions let's just say that. ha

    1. This isn't the first place but first place you have to wait and order. She went to Panera and Pizza My Heart already. If you take pictures at everything then you'll be able to remember :)

      Since she went to Tia Juana. I think that's it.

      I worked at Pizza Hut. Toddlers were always a huge mess and rarely did parents clean up after their kids.

    2. I didn't have a smart phone back when Parker was born so there are so few pictures of him at that little stage. I'm sad by that. :(

      I always try to clean up after Parker, but when he makes a super huge mess we just leave a gigantic tip. :/

    3. I noticed some parents did clean up. Some did not. Ones that did not tended to leave awful tips. Perhaps it was just where I worked or the shifts I worked. One kid colored all over the wall. That was a fun time. He colored on the table too but that was easier to try to scrub off.

    4. I feel your pain after years of working retail at Target. We would never dream of teaching our kids to behave that way.