Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Onesie Gifts

Last month I mentioned I made 3 onesies and mailed them to my friend Jen.  Well near Christmas I made 8 more and sent them her way. It was a surprise. I had to wait to post until she got them but then I got busy.  These are the ones I sent her.  They are all bigger sizes than her son wears now so I have to wait a little bit. I made them bigger just in case I was a real slacker at getting them in the mail.  I wanted them to arrive by Christmas but since I went into labor early and didn't get them in the mail the Friday before Christmas, I had Dave go and just get the standard shipping. It took until after January 1 for them to arrive. It killed me to not tell her about them daily or hourly. I'm awful at surprises. Her husband knew because I had asked the address of her parents just in case I mailed them when they'd arrive when she was out of town.  (The Batman logo turned out much worse than I was hoping. I almost didn't send it.  She claims she still likes it.  I did some Star Wars onesies because I know her husband is a big fan.  I had to have someone explain the force one to me.)
These are the 3 I mailed before. 

Neil already wore his Superman onesie. 
I kind of wish I had a baby to put one on before I made so many. I made some words or logos too big now that I look at some that I made. I forgot to compensate for how a onesie goes around the sides of a baby too so it's not fully flat in the front. Sigh. 


  1. We've got to get that little girl a dress!

    1. Well these are for a boy!

      I did buy her a skirt that could go with onesies but it's still too big. So she has no dresses and no skirts that fit. She has some pants but doesn't like pants. She has some houndstooth pants. She wore them once. I wonder if I posted pictures of her in them.