Saturday, January 11, 2014

1.6.14 Poly

Poly is always sleeping at the foot of the bed. Sometimes she's in the middle of my side of the bed and I have to move her.  She sleeps there when I'm feeding Ella. She might stay at the foot of the bed when I return or she wakes up and moves to lean against my stomach. I still have dreams and wake up to feed Ella and think Ella is in bed with me and not Poly. I'm not sure why I think this because she never is there. Also I touch Poly trying to determine if it's a cat or a baby and I only ever figure it out when I feel the ears. Feeling fur just doesn't confirm ti in my mind.

I often take pictures of Poly in bed but most times I don't use the flash and then the pictures turn out awful because it is too dark.

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