Sunday, February 16, 2014


I used to say I held Poly like a baby. Well this is just how I hold Ella a lot of times.  I was right.
I did a little photo shoot with Ella in her dress. I don't think she liked it much. I took these with my Canon PowerShot. She doesn't like the focus light that comes at first so then the pictures are never as good.
There are even more pictures. These aren't even glad good. She moves a bit and without the flash, the end up blurrier.

Ella slept while we ate lunch.
But then the drive to Target had too many red lights and she was not happy. She would not cooperate and I carried her while I pushed her stroller.

Dave never seems to take pictures of himself with Ella. I am always taking them.  Then all the pictures of me with Ella are taken by me and not him.


  1. I love that cute dress of hers!

    1. Thanks. I had a hard time finding dresses that were also knit so they'd be comfortable.