Sunday, February 23, 2014


Ella sat in her bouncer for a few minutes while I used my computer. She liked the lights. I don't actually turn on the vibrations.
 Ella still really enjoys sitting like this.  Sometimes she has her arm around my arm like a hug. I love it.
Ella likes to be held on my shoulder. I have noticed that she hugs me a little tighter than she used to. It's another thing I love.
I swaddled her and got her to fall asleep while I was pacing around. She didn't want to sleep when I was sitting.
Brenna comes to visit and holds Ella while I get things done. Sometimes Ella sleeps on her. She also watches her while I run. This was the day she did watch her while I ran and then I fell. I only run for a half mile so it's not long but still someone has to be here with Ella so I don't run often.
Ella lasts further into her bath before she starts crying.

Ella loves her hang out with daddy time while she chills on his chest and they talk to each other.
I think Ella does pretty well at tummy time but I think the angle of her head has been the same for awhile now.  So this is 1.5 months old and that's how high her head is. I assume that's good.

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