Friday, February 7, 2014

Fall (2.5)

I went running for the 2nd time since my c-section and I fell. It's the first time I ever fell. I was tripped in 7th grade and that was my only other fall.  I tripped over a blacktop patch on the sidewalk. I know the sidewalks are uneven.  This was .37 miles into my run. I considered walking back home but then just ran back.   I can't even believe how fast it happened. Like I didn't even feel a stumble. I was just running and then I was on the sidewalk with my face an inch from the ground.   I'm surprised how much it all hurts.

I was going faster than my previous run.  Last time it took me 5:59 to complete .5 mi.  This time it took me 5:47 to compete .52 mi. I still swear the loop was .54 before.  I'm not sure when I should run next.

My right knee has 4 bruises on it now that don't show up in the picture. My left knee has 2. Well it might have more but I didn't remove the bandaids.


  1. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly. I would say if you're still in pain don't run.

    1. It only hurts when things touch all the scrapes but just sitting here I don't hurt which is a step up from yesterday.