Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Day in the Life (1.25)

I emailed myself periodically to remember what I did because by a few hours later I'd forget and I'd really forget by the time I got to writing my post.  This actually isn't a normal day because I left the house without Ella for a brief period and that's the only time it's happened so far.

1:27  Ella woke up, I changed her, she ate. (She went to sleep at 10:45 PM night before so she slept 2:42)

1:46 - Fell asleep. Then Dave was coughing and I had to help him find medicine or something. I was so tired.

4:30 Woke up, diaper change, ate.  She took forever to fall asleep

5:39 - Fell asleep.  I actually fell asleep in the rocking chair.

6:31 - Woke up, diaper change, ate (but barely any at all). I woke up too.

6:42 - Fell asleep
I online shopped until 7:15 instead of going to sleep! Then when I went to bed, Poly was using my hot water bottle.  At 7:30 she was a noisy half asleep kicker so I cant sleep. I go to the crib once and see that she is in fact still sleeping.

7:42 - Woke up  I went in to go hold her since she was noisy and she was in fact awake in her crib.

7:57 - Fell asleep

She isn't sleeping well in the chair (8:15) so I put her in the crib.

8:26 she cries because she is pooping instead of actually wanting to wake up. She went back to sleep.

8:34 - Woke up, diaper change, ate

9:07 - diaper change

9:15 I decide to go for a walk since it is cooler. We don't go until 10 since Dave was singing to her.

10:15 - Fell asleep. She slept on the walk but woke up as soon as we got to the front door.

10:41 - Woke up, ate

11:27 - Ate

11:42 - Fell asleep
I used the computer a little then went to Carter's while she slept.

1:25 - Woke up, diaper change, ate (but barely any and refuses more)
This or that. She's crying.  We did tummy time. She didn't appreciate it.

1:54 Finally she will eat more.

2:39 - Fell asleep
I use my computer, do laundry.

4:20 - Woke up, diaper change, ate  (She fell asleep eating. I tried to wake her up and she didn't even eat more.)

4:44 - Fell asleep

6:29 - Woke up, diaper change, ate

7:20 Ate

7:33 - Fell asleep  (she woke up at 1:18 AM for her longest sleep ever at 5:45)

Clearly this was a bad day to document things but I didn't know it'd be abnormal when I started.
I assume I ate dinner at some point. I am guessing around 7:15 since I have pics of Dave holding her then.

I waited too long to finish writing this so I forget.
I'll have to write one of these again sometime.


  1. Wow! that is proof that nursing is a hard job. I admire you for hanging in there and doing so. Hope the time gets longer between feedings and the sleep times get longer too.

    1. This was a "good" day. some days are even worse.

  2. I think all of the documentation would make me feel depressed. I would prefer not to know how bad my life is and just struggle through it.

    1. See I look at it in ways that I might not realize she slept 6 or 7 hours here or there if I didn't keep using the app. I kept saying I'd stop but I don't.

  3. Man you go through so many more diapers at this age than at any other time.

    1. I could even go through more if I changed her before and after feedings.