Sunday, March 9, 2014


We were getting ready to go and Ella seemed like she wanted to replace me in bed so she did!
It was a little chilly at 8:40 in the morning so Ella got to wear one of her crocheted hats.
Ella had her 2 month doctor visit. She was so pleasant the first hour and a half of our time there. Too bad we were there longer.

Dave tried again giving her a bottle. She took it a little. I'm pretty sure she'd rather starve and cry her head off than take a bottle.


  1. How did she do with her shots? I can't believe it took over 1.5 hours. That's a long appointment.

    1. It was like not get called back for 20 min. Take stats and stuff. Then 20 more min for dr to show up. Then 10+ minutes for nurses to come back for shots.

      She did not like them. She was already crying and she cried harder.