Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ella did not sleep well all night for the second night in a row. That was not nice for me.  Then around 9 when she went to sleep, I couldn't seem to fall asleep.
I got some free software to combine some movie files from my phone but it sucked and messed up my new tab page in chrome so I got mad at that and uninstalled it and everything it came with but my new tab page was still messed up. I was trying to fix this while holding a fussy Ella since she didn't sleep long.

She napped on my lap later.

I finally got her in the crib to nap and ate some cereal.

We did tummy time.

We did tummy time again and she rolled over. After she rolled over she ate and slept well for 2 hours. I also slept well. (Not sure if all the pics of tummy time are from the first or second or both but Poly sure wanted to photo bomb me.)

She watched videos of herself!

As soon as our pizza arrived she woke up to eat. She ate a ton.  Then she hung out with Dave and he gave her a tiny amount in a bottle (tiny because that's all I had left in me to pump) and Ella took the bottle and didn't even cry.

She ate even more a little later.  Dave did his exercises while she ate. Then I did some exercises while he rocked her to sleep. He got up a little too soon and she woke back up and then got wide awake so I said I'd rock her again. I did and read some blogs on my phone. She was back to sleep in a couple minutes but I stayed in there until I finished finding the blog post I was looking for.

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