Friday, March 21, 2014

3 Months of Comparisons

I made some collages of the first 3 months for some quick comparisons.
With the first month I had to use a flash so the pictures are awful since Ella hates the flash.
I also didn't sit with Ella the first month so I don't have specific comparisons of this one. In more months there will be more things to look at.
Too bad for Month 1 I didn't just cheat and take some the next day during daylight. It would make all future collages better.
I was going to get dressed or put on makeup but that didn't happen. You can barely even tell I got a haircut since my hair was up earlier.
Ella never fell over for Month 2 so I don't have pictures of that. She was moving and looking around more this month. She seemed to like to chill lying down. I just love that last picture.


  1. I love the collage comparisons. Aren't they so fun?! I'm obsessed with doing them for Parker (which you already know). I can definitely tell your hair got cut. It looks really cute!!

    1. With Picasa pics have to be in the se folder to do a collage so I was doing a lot of copying to a new folder. That is the only thing I don't like about Picasa.

      Thanks. I'm behind on posting so not sure how much of the new hair has been shown even though haircut was almost 20 days ago.

    2. I also love comparisons and love all yours.