Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I had Ella model her new headband. (more pictures)  I got the bows from Sherry, someone I knew from Westinghouse who has an Etsy store.
Dave put together her jumperoo so we have it ready.
Many people complained on Amazon that it was too high up for their 6 month old or 4 month old. Well Ella isn't even 3 months old and it is too high for her too. She's also so light so she barely weighs the thing down. I stacked up books like people said they did on Amazon. She did move the top book and had her right foot on the book below it.
Ella likes to look at Dave.
But she likes to look at the video games more!  Here she is showing off her 2nd new bow.  I wanted white and was too indecisive which to order so now she got 2.  I have a lot of bows already but none are solid white and I don't know how to match. (This outfit would have matched the light pink one but I wanted to try out the  new bows.)
Dave and I cleaned up. I even moved cords to sweep the dust. I dusted thoroughly wiped down that container on the ottoman. I also cleaned the coasters. The rooms weren't done when I snapped these but I usually forget to take them when it's 100% so I figured this is close enough. We still need to move the swing somewhere since we don't use it.
We cleaned because company was coming over to play games. Ella was napping when it started. When she woke up, she watched.
OK she took a little break to play when I wasn't busy with the game.
Just look how cute she is looking at the mirror. When I hang the mirror, she doesn't see it.
Dave held her for a little during the game.

Everyone left by 5:30 and even though this was yesterday I have no idea what happened after that. I'm pretty sure it was miserable getting her to sleep and she woke back up a few times after a little and she kept wanting to eat and eat and eat. The eating didn't go so well because I only have so much in me and she refuses a bottle. Perhaps most of my evening was dealing with that. I think seh tried to eat for 2 hours out of 3 but some of that she wasn't really getting anything.  She drank not even .3 oz of the bottle I warmed up of pumped milk.


  1. Love the white bows. Super cute!

    1. Thanks. See what cute stuff you miss with a boy.

    2. I'm well aware! Hopefully our next one is a girl lol.

  2. Your place looked great, all nice and clean. It's good to have company once in a while, just to force me to clean deeper.

    Part of the issue with baby boys is that there is so much less to choose from, compared to little girls. I guess you have to know where to shop. I never seemed to find things as nice as other people did.

    1. People find cuter girl clothes than I find too.

    2. The place was able to get clean because Ella napped longer and Dave was cleaning up too.

  3. It's the Ella likes to look at Dave in the post above!! That's the one I was looking for!