Thursday, March 27, 2014


Here's another example of Ella liking to watch World of Warcraft.
I showed Dave how she plays her piano. So then he was able to take a few pictures too.

I tried to get her to roll over and she didn't want any parts of that. She seemed to enjoy this though.
When Ella went down for a nap, I had Dave cut my hair. He's cut it a few times before but never while it was dry.
I told him to cut 3 inches.
It ended up more like 7. It wasn't straight. Ella woke up before I even got to fully finish fixing it up. It was good enough though.
I tried to show Ella her giraffe to get her to play with it. She wasn't having any parts of it.

A gif of Ella playing on her piano mat. She is pretty much like this all the time on there. She loves it.
Ella sure is getting big.

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