Tuesday, June 3, 2014

4-29 Professional Photos

Since the first photo shoot didn't go well, Ella had another one.  This one was much better.
There are even more pictures. I didn't even put them all in that album.
Lisa, the photographer, wanted tutu pictures so we used her tutu.  When she finishes her website, Ella will be on it.  
We went first so there was no waiting this time. But Ella was so pleasant after that we stayed for 2 hours talking to all the rest of the people waiting to get their photos.
Lisa shared all the photos she took, even the unedited ones. So some of the above aren't even edited.
When we got home. There was no power so the above photo and the ones below, I took with our own little photo shoot.


  1. Awww the tutu is killing me!!! So cute!

    1. Thanks!
      One of those ones will be on the photographers website when she finishes it. I WILL share it when I see that it's up. I wish Ella had a top on and the tutu but her dress didn't work for it so we didn't do it. But if you google tutu photos or something you get all kinds of pics just like this that are topless. Dave thinks topless is very indecent.