Saturday, June 21, 2014


The professional photos did not go well. Ella napped later today so then I knew she'd want to sleep her next nap during the photos. Today it was for a mom group so she had to wait her turn. Ella was smiling. Everyone said she was so happy. She'd try to give hugs to the other babies. The photographer even asked me to stand with Ella behind her because every baby was watching Ella and not the toys/camera. Then it was Ella's turn and she wanted to sleep or something. I nursed her and she was so pleasant but we apparently had to wait a long time again so long that she was not pleasant anymore by the time it was her turn.

I wore the shirt Ella picked out but I didn't end up in any photos.

The day was probably all the same ol' stuff. She napped or didn't nap. She nursed.  She ate some food.  She loves to eat.

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