Thursday, June 26, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:30 just like clockwork. She was ready for food and a nap a little before normal though. She went to sleep at 8 but then didn't wake up until almost 10:30. I really wished I napped during this time!

I did Ella's laundry and found Dave's Costco card in the dryer. I'm not even sure how this happened.  Last time I did laundry, a ketchup packet (well larger the dip and squeeze ones) fell out of Dave's pocket. Luckily this happened on the way in to the wash. I don't check his pockects. I told him he has to do that.

Ella and I both napped later in the day.  It was so hot in the house that I complained on facebook and to different people in emails.

Ella and I went to a few places. Ella does not like her carrier so she is not content in stores.
Around 6 PM, Ella and I took a blanket to the backyard like we were in a park. It was cooler out there. Poly watched us from the door.
We ordered pizza for dinner.

I got Ella to sleep at 8:45. I thought that was for the night. I took a shower  and cleaned up a little and heard her crying. She woke up at 9:30. 8:45 is early for her to go to sleep for the night.  She just does not like to sleep a long time at night. In general she sleeps through the night but sleeps for about 8 hours. I've been talking to other moms and almost all of them mention their kids going to sleep earlier and waking up later. We all have not discussed how many times they wake up throughout the night though.

One of the moms I met told me how she loves that I take so many pictures. She does too. Our kids are only 1 week apart.
After I brought the blanket back inside, Poly decided it was her new spot.

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