Friday, June 27, 2014

5.23: Neck

Ella woke up at 2 and then woke up for the day at 6. 6 sure felt a lot worse than her normal 6:30.
I went to my doctor appointment in the middle of the day. Dave came home from work to watch Ella. He was only home about an hour. As soon as I got back, he went back to work. He tried to work while he was home but found it difficult and Ella was even super duper behaved. She woke up from her nap but was just having fun in her crib for 15 minutes!

So at my visit since my neck lump was bigger again and I could feel it at certain points more again, he said they had to drain it. He was going to start with a needle but if it was pus again, then he'd have to make a small incision to drain it that way.  Once he went in with the needle, neither of his guesses were right because it was filled with blood. Well he called it a blood byproduct because it wasn't fresh blood. He said it will continue to fill up. He removed 9cc. Good thing I am good with needles is all I have to say. Even with a numbing agent you can still feel a lot. Now the doctor said I should have it removed within a month versus last time when he said "it's not pressing so remove it in a month or two."  I got some information on the surgery. It will take 2 hours. I will be under general anesthesia. I have to go in a week prior to the appointment for an office visit. I will be restricted with exercise for a few weeks after. I'm still allowed to hold Ella but I have to pick her up with my legs and she can't touch my neck. That is going to be tough!

I snapped that picture of the tray when we were moving rooms before getting started. I wish I could have had pictures of my neck getting drained.
Teething was the worst at night. She was up past 11:30. She was in a lot of pain. It was a sad time.


  1. I hope everything is going well for you, and that Ella isn't too upset without her mommy!

    1. I'm home she will not let me leave her side.