Friday, June 27, 2014


I started off the morning doing a bootcamp. This meant that Dave was in charge of Ella. I had to leave in the middle of feeding her. She was almost asleep too. Then Dave dealt with her refusing a bottle for about an hour! I had only tried the sippy cup one day earlier and Dave didn't think to try it out.
The event was great. It was an awesome workout. My bodymedia fit wasn't working so I have no data from the day. At least there are pictures or it would be like it never happened.
The resistance running was my favorite.

 Here's my friend Beth, also doing the resistance running.
Ella likes drinking from a cup. I like to refer to it as a cup cup because when I just said cup, my mom assumed I meant sippy cup.
Later in the afternoon, I went to a park for a meetup. I didn't make Dave go. Lots of husbands were there. The meetup was actually a surprise sprinkle for someone. I had only RSVPed the day before so wasn't in on the planning.  So I had to google what a sprinkle was when I heard about it. It's a baby shower without all the gifts because it's for a second child. There is slightly more to it than that but that was enough info for me.
(It was chilly in the shade so I put on Ella's pants that were in her diaper bag. She never needs them so I didn't realize how short they were!)
She fell asleep minutes from home. Then woke up as soon as I got in the door!

Ella wanted my cucumber bad. I let her suck on it.

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