Sunday, June 22, 2014

6 Months of Comparisons

I missed last month doing comparisons but I spent almost 2 hours today trying to make some.
It was hard to get the stuffed animal beside her this time. She just grabbed it and moved it around.
At 1 month Ella fell over. Each month since I put her on her side to try to get some pictures. She rolled over today so I probably won't do that anymore on the glider.
I am wearing the same shirt 2 months in a row!
I only realized I could have put a headband on Ella after seeing these.  I'm still mad our 1 month pictures weren't good. It was already dark and Ella hated the flash. I should have just taken them 1 day late.
Ella was standing herself leaning against the chair this month. The cameras are zoomed differently so it's hard to tell the size difference.  Ella's legs sure aren't skinny anymore.
1, 3, and 6 months. I tried to label the pictures but guess I forgot to save it.


  1. Now that she's sitting on her own it's like she's such a big girl. So different! And she's super cute :)

    1. Thanks. I did think for a few months in the middle there she looked so similar and now with how she sits she just looks bigger. You can sort of see how tall she is compared to the detail on the chair.