Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 11-20 Outfits

Some days I wear real clothes and leave the house and forget to take my picture. After 9 years, you'd think, I wouldn't forget!
I put this together mainly for fun. It's a bit nuts that I wasted my time on it too. Picasa kept making one of the 3 pictures gray so it took a long long time to get it made.
I'm glad my old skinny jeans fit again. I bought these after I got fat so the would likely be the first to fit. I haven't even tried other pants yet. I'm pretty sure my VS jeans will fit but those are so long they require a 4 inch heel which I won't be wearing.
I've worn this exact outfit many times.
These pictures aren't very good. I set a timer and took them. The camera was balanced on a cushion on the couch that was crooked.
Well Ella was in half my pictures. OK more than half if you count her legs on the 15th.


  1. You look good! Your hair seems to be growing fast. Ella looks good, too.

    1. I don't think my hair is growing fast I still have issues with it coming out of ponytails. But with a tilted head like in the last one it looks longer.

      I did cut it the other day though. I mean add some layers.

  2. I like Ella in the pictures. You should start including her on purpose and do daily outfit photos together.

    1. It's harder work to get the tripod outside while holding Ella.
      Also I'm not sure how my calendar site will look with all Ella. It's broken again and I can't upload pics but I've been taking them for 9 years.

    2. Maybe I should try 2 versions though.