Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ella woke up at 6:15. This worried me since we had to meet to go for a run at 8:30. I thought for sure she'd go down for a nap just before we had to leave based on that timing. I tried really hard to feed her a little and get her back to sleep. I did and she slept until 7:30!
We hung out with Dave in bed and I was almost late getting ready even though I tried to get her bag and everything ready while she was sleeping from 6:30-7:30.  It's rather difficult to get everything ready and put a jogging stroller in the car while holding Ella.

Two people cancelled the morning of though. One person was left. I was waiting for her and texted her. She got her times mixed up since we met at 9 last week but today I had set it up for 8:30.  I ran 1.33 miles until she showed up, then ran 2.21 miles with her. I ran straight through myself and we did 1:1 intervals together.  Then we sat on the grass for a long time. Ella started to get tired and I procrastinated leaving since Tiffany was in the middle of feeding Johnny.

Ella napped after a little bit at home. She got too tired and wouldn't go to sleep right away.  She napped  almost 3 and a half hours.   She woke up and I fed her quickly. Then we headed to the park.  We were an hour late for a 2 hour meetup but then we stayed 2 hours anyway.

I got home and hung out a bit with Dave. I fed Ella and ate dinner. She ate finger foods while I ate so it was nice.

Then we put Ella to bed and I blogged. Then I watched some TV with Dave and ate. Then in bed I read.  I fall asleep about 3 pages in daily.

Pics are below since they are out of order and don't really pertain specifically to the paragraphs above.

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  1. Good job running. I'm glad you're back at it so much, and have found people to run with now.