Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo of the Day: Poison Ivy

On the last day of school in 4th grade, Mr. Coles decided we would play kickball for hours. That's now my idea of fun. Many other people agreed. We were told to go sit by the fence when we didn't want to play anymore. Well the greenery by the fence was all poison ivy and I got it bad.  I also slept in a sleeping bag that night and it probably didn't help.
I asked my mom to scan in an old picture and she emailed me more than one so you can see some of the progress.  I think these are in order (except the top picture but I felt like that looked the worst).  I made it hard to tell one day to the next before I wore the same clothes multiple days in a row.

My ear is huge compared to normal. I also lost hearing in that ear for a few months. I had a special test done at school a few months into the year to see and I think that's when I was back to normal.

Another Myrtle Beach shirt and I've never even been there.
I don't remember being itchy. I probably was. I remember being on steroids. I remember having to go see a specialist and the parking garage being full so I had to walk 3 blocks in Pittsburgh looking my worst. I remember doctors asking us if we were going to sue the school. I remember the principal asking my mom to come to the school to point out the poison ivy since she wasn't sure what it looked like. I also remember going in for report cards a week after school was out and having all the teachers being concerned with how I was except for the teacher that I had when I got the poison ivy.
Look. I'm starting to get better. You can see a smile on my face.
I can't believe I was showing off my midriff!
This was either the 6th day of medicine or the 6th day since I got poison ivy. I remember talking  about how we wouldn't know what day was what so my dad had me hold up fingers to be able to tell but now those pictures look so silly.
For reference this is what I looked like.

Have you ever had poison ivy bad? Do you have pictures of it?  What was the story behind yours?


  1. I had no idea poison ivy could be that severe. Holy crap. I also didn't realize you could lose hearing from it. Wow. That is terrifying because now I worry Parker will get it at some point.

    1. My friends eye was swollen shut when she got it. But most people don't get it this bad!
      I did get my hearing back at least!

  2. Do you remember carrying a wash cloth as you walked to the doctor to cover your face and avoid stares? Also, do you remember nearly passing out in the elevator? Because of that, the nurses stayed with you while I could go get the car so you wouldn't have to walk the distance back to the car. It was a scary time. The doctor called me the next day because she said she was very worried about you; the results of the swab showed all kinds of things oozing from you. She didn't give details.

    1. I forgot about the doctor calling.
      I also remember when you came back to get me you parked in the parking garage and then when we left you had to pay and I found that so annoying. You said that wasn't something to worry about and you do what you need to. I forget your word if but it was a lesson in a few bucks for parkig is minor compared to all the stuff with the poison ivy that we didn't know was for sure poison ivy by that point I don't think.