Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We took some Christmas photos in the morning. I drove Dave to work. Then we only had a few minutes before we had to leave again.

I fed Ella then we went to my doctor appointment. Ella was so good at first. But after an hour she was getting restless.

I had a 10:40 appointment. The doctor came in at 11:30. She spent 4 minutes with me then called down to the specialist. She made me an appointment for 1. Well that wouldn't work with Ella's nap. So I went down to reschedule. Well the lady called the doctor and asked him to see me right then versus at 1. Right then was during his lunch. Then he did!   I ended up getting ingrown toenail surgery. I didn't leave until 12:40.

Of course I go to the doctors and have a lot done the day I have something going on. My toe bled through my huge bandage and temporary sock before I got home. I actually called about it but since I had to drive home and didn't get to elevate right away it was OK.  I needed to elevate as much as possible the entire day.   Well that wouldn't work.

I did get to elevate for maybe 1 hour.    I had a cookie swap. (I'll have info in a separate post.)

I picked Dave up. I had to wait almost forever for him. He kept trying to come out and didn't like that different ways  had huge deep puddles so he couldn't get through without getting soaked.
I didn't get to elevate much because I was busy doing this or that.  Ella got to hang out more with Dave so it was fun. She even just played herself near him. It was crazy. She missed him.

She went to sleep wonderfully.  I used my computer and watched some TV while elevating the rest of the evening.

There are MANY pictures.


  1. Wow! Somehow I completely missed that you had surgery! Does your foot/toe feel better now? And what did you do with Ella during the surgery?

    1. Well it was minor surgery. And impromptu. But my toe hurt from the needle prices alone for 3 days. The toe nail part hurt about a week. It doesn't hurt now but I still baby it.

    2. Since Ella was so ready for her nap, I nursed her during surgery.

  2. Alright you are super mom if you nursed while having surgery. just saying.

    1. It was a bit challenging. But not bad. I did make sure the dr would be ok working with a baby crying before he started. She was crying earlier. She didn't cry while nursinf so that was good. But just in case I asked. I didn't want Ella to be a distraction.