Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Ella slept until 8 and woke up so happy.

I went to Safeway in the morning to buy milk so I could eat more peanut butter cake.

She napped early.

She opened more presents.

We did recycling and then hit up Wendy's.  She loved ketchup. She wasn't a fan of the chicken nuggets. She just ate the ketchup off her fingers.

She played by herself and I watched TV. I really enjoyed the break. I got out my laptop to blog and then it didn't go so well.

At one point I had gold fish and Ella grabbed the closed container. She kept shaking it. I thought she wanted some. I asked her and she shook her head. I didn't believe her and opened it and got one out and gave it to her. She didn't want it and then put it back in the container. I guess I should have believed her.

Around 7:30 I got water and she seemed to want some. Then a few minutes later I went to give her more and she kept pushing it away.  Then we did bedtime routine and she was asleep within 3 minutes.


  1. I love that she got so many books for her birthday, hope you have some bookshelves just for her! :)

    And the pictures with the cake are so cute!

    1. I gave her cake 2 days in a row... the start of thinking she gets sweets.

      we are working on her shelves. We have plenty but are trying to perfect hers.

  2. She's so happy! I love it. We have those B. brand rubber multi colored "blocks" and Parker still loves them. What is she looking at on the ceiling?

    1. Ella saw Poly jump out of the ceiling and she was interested so Dave told her she could look so he held her up to look. She LOVED it.