Friday, December 5, 2014

November 16-30 Outfits

I got dressed more than this but again I'm a picture slacker.
 I wore my shooties!  I don't actually like these jeans but I wore them. They are bunched in the back because that's how they are made. They have creases like they drag and bunch up but it's part of how they were made. Stupid! But I didn't notice when I bought them.  They are from 2008 or so.

 This long sleep faux wrap is pretty nice. Easy for nursing.
I didn't actually get dress but I took pictures with Ella for her monthly photos so I included them.
 Look at that picture on the right. Ella's leg sure slims my waist line!
I sort of coordinated with Ella! She has green in her shirt. That big purse is my new "diaper bag" and I wear it across my body not just on my shoulder. I love it. I just got it. Ella helped pick it out. It's great not having a diaper bag slide off my shoulder.

Ella likes to steal my remote so it makes pictures difficult.
I liked that  I got to wear skinny jeans + boots again. Sometimes it's cool enough. So I guess that's my favorite outfit. But I actually like  them all but the one where I'm just in a nursing tank.


  1. That top on the 19th is nice. Ella and you in hoodies on the 26th is cute.