Saturday, December 27, 2014


My toe still hurt a lot!

We had visitors 2 different times and I was still in my PJs and didn't care.

In the evening, Ella and I went with Marie to her church for a dinner, presentation, and to sit on Santa's lap. In between Clara and Ella sitting on Santa, there was a break for prayer. Well Ella did not like that and was jumping around. It did not go well. I was holding her and could barely contain her. Then that was over and it was time for Santa and she still wouldn't be contained.  The food was great. I enjoyed ham, baked potato, and green beans.  Then there was brownies and ice cream for dessert which was also good!

The ended the night with performances. Some people played instruments or sung. A few did other sort of performances. The last was a nativity scene.   I brought snacks and they helped at the end. It didn't end until 8:30 which is pretty late for Ella.

Marie had driven me and as we got home, Dave got home so the timing was good. They got about 15 minutes to hang out before bedtime routine.