Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We started the day with Ella's 9 month photo shoot. Well I guess that wasn't the start of the day.  She was up for 3 hours before the photo shoot. We played and all kinds of stuff. I tried to feed her and see if she'd nap so she'd be well rested. She didn't nap.
The photo shoot actually seemed to take 2 hours. It should have been shorter but Ella needed a break and the photographer was using a new camera so slightly slower at settings and the photographer was extra accommodating trying different parts of the park.
I said Ella was tired and would nap as soon as we got home. Well Dave wanted to go to lunch. I said she'd fall asleep and that'd mess everything up. She fell asleep in the car but after we would have been home. Instead of going to lunch close we went to Jersey Joe's and she slept in the car. Dave went in and got the food and she slept almost the entire way home. Her 2 hour nap became a 40 minute nap since we didn't head home right away!
At 3, I was going to Tobe's to learn about Project Life.  Ella was just falling asleep on me when I had to leave. I put her in the crib and she woke up. We thought she'd fall back to sleep. She didn't. Dave was not happy. She would not have needed that nap if her 2 hour nap was not ruined!  Dave never has a fun time when he has to watch Ella. He barely ever watches her because he wants to refuse since each time it never goes well.   I wasn't gone long.
I took Ella's 9 month photos in the chair again since the actual ones were not very good.
We watched the Steeler Game. Dave had his WoW raid and watched and Ella and I played and watched. Well by watched, we had it on TV and I didn't even know the score most of the time.  I fed Ella dinner then we did bedtime routine after. Dave leaves his raid to do bedtime routine even if he's in the middle of something!

I forget what I did after Ella went to sleep. Probably used the computer and cleaned up a bit.

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