Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I babysat Clara for a couple hours in the early afternoon. I tried to take some pictures but these kids move so fast they are all blurry unless they pushed their walkers into something.  Clara is almost 2 months younger than Ella. 
Clara was asleep when she first got here. When she woke up, I went to get her. On our way back to the living room, Ella had crawled into the reading room. I put Clara down and Ella gave her a hug.

 I'm not sure why but they were snacking so nicely but then all of a sudden Ella sat on top of Clara!

 Ella found the fan cord when she was on my shoulders.
Ella was reading.

 We made a get well sign for my dad since he just had surgery.
 Ella really likes to share my burger when she bites it or picks it herself.

Ella has learned how to duck to get under the table.
Ella tried to help with the dishwasher but I didn't approve.
There are a lot of pictures and they are sort of grouped together.


  1. For being so young, they really seem to be enjoying each other's company and playing together. That's amazing to me.

    1. I just thought that was normal since it's all I lnow.