Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I had a Stampin' Up Class in the morning. I also packed supplies up for someone and she picked them up right as it was over.  The timing was good. Ella was not good. She was so needy and clingy. She wanted to nap but a nap while on me which won't work when I'm teaching how to make cards! I did have to hold her the entire time I was making cards. That was a challenge.

The class was over by 11:30.  The rest of the day sucked. Ella was not well behaved.  We went to the park right near dusk. She had so much fun. I knew she needed to get out.

Around 6, Dave told me he'd be done with work in 15 minutes so I got my hopes up that he would actually be home soon to relieve me.
Then at 7, I sent him a few messages. "Better hurry home. I'm on strike." and "Just had to fold laundry and reach in the drying holding Ella."

My back hurt so bad from all the Ella holding I did!

Since Ella was so needy and we didn't really have food and I didn't have a car, we got pizza for dinner. Even though I'm so sick of pizza, I went with it.

I was turning on jams for Ella in the morning. In the process of setting it up she was stealing the ipad.

Then I used the ipad lure to get her to see what the step stool is for.  She only played the drums on it so far.

Ella likes to close the door then move the curtains.

She knocked the boppy's over and had fun with it.

Ella loves to find my belts and then put them around her neck.

Here are some pictures from the park.

Ella played in the sand for the first time. She usually eats sand the first chance she gets so then I get her out of the sand.  She only licked her hand once or twice which is major progress.

Ella likes her new book and the mirror is quite fun on the last page.

Ella reaches in and takes things out of the trash can.


  1. Lots of good pictures. Ella holding the iPad she looks so big.

    1. She is big. I should have her hold Dave's new one that is slightly smaller to see how big she looks.

  2. I know you think it's too hot right now but I'm so jealous of how warm it is there and how you can play outside year round. Well we could but I don't like the snow myself. :) Too cold!

    1. It is really warm. I think It's almost shorts weather when I leave the house and go to the park. I can't handle pants. But I don't miss shoveling snow either.