Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 Exercise (Miles)

In 2013 I had biking and running miles. I didn't keep track of biking miles but I only biked once.  I also didn't keep track of walking miles but Strava could give me an idea of that.  I tried to use the year in review feature on strava but it only counted the 1 run I did. It would count swimming, cycling, or running. I always use it for walking.  :(  I can go in and view all the activities and I've had 296 but I'd have to manually go in and add them or something so I won't bother.
Here is my monthly breakdown for the year. I only did not make my goal in October and I almost did but Dave and the rain threw me off on the last day of the month.
Above is my weekly summary. I'm glad the totals show up the same!   The January 4 last week only counts the 2014 data.

I'm proud of the numbers! I want to write more but Ella woke up from her nap so there you have it.

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