Friday, January 2, 2015

December Exercise

I met my December goal but I had to run 2 days in a row at the end to do it. Then I ran twice on December 31 and got some bonus miles.

My goal was 36 miles. I ran a total of 38.6 miles.  I did intervals twice (December 1 and Dec 31)  and all the rest were running straight through.

Ella is getting less content with runs so I never add on at the end like I want to.  My goal this month was to have all runs be at least 4 miles but I did not succeed.  My goal was 4 miles per run because I thought I wouldn't run that many times so 4 versus 3 would really help me out.

For January, I hope to have at least 1 run with a pace of less than 10 min per mile. I hope I can do it.  I also hope to have some pictures taken while I'm running. I keep wanting to do it and don't get to it!

It was cold this month so we didn't go to the park as often on Wednesdays so I went on fewer walks than normal. I also hurt my toe so wasn't going on walks for awhile.

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