Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Clothes (1.4.15)

I bought Ella some new clothes.  I went to look for dresses but got some other things.  I thought the pants looked so huge and they fit Ella. How did she get so big!?

The white thermal is too big but it was plain so I got it.  The polka dot top is 18 month so it's a little big but she can wear it now. We bought her 12 month tops on Black Friday and one 18 month top then so I knew that 18 month fit but is a little big.

The cardigan is more silver but you can't tell in the picture.  
I tried on a blue dress over her clothes in the store and it fit great around her torso but then I thought I shouldn't buy her a 9 month dress so I got 12 month size.

Ella definitely needs 18 month pants. 12 months are too short. Then for long sleeve shirts she wears 12 months. Some of those are too short though. Then dresses she looks best in 9 month dresses but then they are so short on her.  This kid is hard to buy for!

Too bad the Carter's website doesn't show the dresses on babies so I could see how they should look.


  1. Parker has the opposite problem. He needs a bigger size for his waist, but then the pants are far too long. We always have to roll his pants up. I also know girls clothes are way different than boys, though. When Parker was a year old he was wearing 24 month! He's a big kid. Ella will be skinny and tall like you :)

    1. I know in middle school I bought mens jeans since they could be bought in a longer length. If buy mens sweatpants too but they were still never long enough. Id get elastic rings on my calves when I tried to sleep in them. At least now there are more options and since I know the pain I won't make Ella suffer like I did.

      Parker doesn't even look like he's big at all. He seems skinny so then it's surprising pants are always too long.

    2. I thought you might find this interesting: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephanie-giese/targets-response-to-my-calling-out-their-girls-clothing-problem_b_5923274.html

      I still buy men's stuff or just wear Tanner's because it's better/more comfy. Men's pants have bigger pockets, too. So much more convenient. Men's sweaters are nice because they cover my whole arm and wrists. Parker is big. He's 99% for height/weight. Lately he's been gaining slower though. I think he's finally starting to lose his baby fat.

    3. Most mens stuff is too loose still and mens pj pants are still too short and I used to turn over and thr pants waist band wouldn't so one day I got rid of them all and bougt yoga pants from VS with 36" inseam. Love them. Do wish I had pockets.

      I hadn't seen the link before. I did see hers the first time. Trying to read the link now.

    4. My brother bought Ella size 12 months boys shorts and they were so long. I loved them. And everyone commented how they are boys and it was obvious. All the girls ones had so much diaper peaking out the bottom. It was awful.

    5. I notice as time goes on styles change so maybe lengths do too. Now a days sweatpants don't even seem to have the elastic at the bottom a lot of the time. that would have been so nice.

    6. I remember I used to take scissors and cut the elastic out of my sweatpants in highschool.