Sunday, January 18, 2015

Smash Cake Photos

Ella had her second smash cake. Her first one was at her birthday party. Then 3 days later she had another one for her photo shoot.

If I remember correctly, we tried to get a picture of her with the cake but the above photo is all we got. She just wanted the cake that badly. At least the cake distracted her from the balloons. She didn't even realize the balloons were there.

These photos were all taken after some portrait shots.

It was so hard deciding which pictures to include so there are many included here.
Someone loves cake!
 Google made a few collages so then that sort of helped me include fewer pictures.

Someone is having a blast! Just look at that face and those feet!

This was not staged. Ella just saw the top of the cupcake and decided the only thing to do was stick her mouth right on it and get some icing.
Look at her go. It was so cute seeing her do it too. She was so happy.

Charlotte used the spoon to break the cake a bit. That wasn't ALL Ella.

After this, Ella thought cake was a course and she stopped wanting real food. Luckily after a few days she realized there wasn't more cake and she went back to eating.

There are so many pictures in this post and I cut down the ones I wanted to post in half!


  1. Love it. She's such a little model! :)

    1. She loves cake that much!
      Some kids they have to push their normal snacks in the cake to get them to touch it.

  2. Ella is adorable and I love these pictures. They turned out amazing!

  3. I just am seeing these for the first time now Colleen and they are so fantastic. She truly enjoyed herself. So sweet!