Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 years

2005 and 2006
I've been taking my daily picture for 10 years!  As of May 15 it was 10 years.  Too bad they all aren't on a website anymore :(   Actually none of them seem to work. I thought I had 5 years worth on a site but now they won't load.  I still try to take my picture though.
Since my old sites don't work, I found some pictures on my computer and made some collages.  The more recent pictures aren't all in one folder so I took some screen shots of the ones that should be on the one calendar site.
2010, 2011
I mainly captioned the pictures with the years but it could be wrong. It was a challenge to figure it out.
Now you can see how I've evolved over the years.
2007, 2009, 2011

Ignore 2 in the bottom row. Those are pictures Dave used when eh was testing that the site would add pictures to picasa. I picked a bad screen shot to use..



  1. Cool! I like your hair curly. You should wear it like that more often.

    1. In 2005, I had a perm and then as it grew out I'd use a curling iron so it wasn't as obvious that something was growing out. In 2012 before I moved I curled my hair a lot more but don't see those pictures up there. I just never curl it now because who has time for that but I constantly have a desire to just curl it someday to have it curled.