Monday, June 29, 2015


Ella woke up before 6.

We drove Dave to work then went to Rancho San Antonio to meet some moms for a walk to the farm. They were all late. Ella had fun. One boy did claw and scratch at her face. She barely cried and she even had marks from it hours later.   We went to Starbucks after because that's what the one mom seems to always suggest. I got a smoothie again. Ella had yogurt because she really wanted some the other mom had.

Well that was a mistake. Ella got home and wanted to sleep right away. Before I knew that I had heated spaghetti for us. Well she napped on me for 3 or 4 hours and my food was there in the microwave. I was starving.

We ate after the nap. Ella really enjoyed the spaghetti with red sauce and the spaghetti with butter. At first she didn't want the spaghetti with butter until I started eating it.

We had to pick Dave up and he suggested going to dinner. We got ready then he wasn't ready.  I took pictures outside with Ella while we were killing time.

It was another 1.5 hours or so!  It was pretty late to actually go out. We went to Jersey Mike's for a quick dinner.   We still started bedtime routine almost as soon as we got home and Ella was asleep before 9.

These naps on me are really killing me. She wakes up a million times and thinks she needs to start nursing again or she starts freaking out and crying. If I try to hold out and not let her nurse she just fully wakes up and then I have a miserable tired baby the rest of the day and I just can't handle that either. I have been doing that sometimes too.


  1. How fun. Love the comparison picture at the top.

    1. Thanks.
      I didn't even realize until after that she was basically looking the same way in both too!