Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Half Birthday Ella (6.20.15)

I made 2 signs for Ella's first birthday party so I worked on making them again for her half birthday.  I pulled the data together and printed them out to display at her party. I extrapolated some data. I updated the numbers to make them accurate. Toddler bed naps, sleep, and runs were all updated. Hours nursing actually ended up exactly what I extrapolated.
My mom made the one with all the numbers again. It took less time since she had the old one. But she updated all the colors too.

Ella's weight was 22 lb 14 oz on June 17. On June 21 it was 22 lb 13 oz. I forgot to weigh her on her birthday. I figure the 14 oz is more accurate so I left that.

At Ella's doctor appointment on June 23 she was 34" standing and 23.6 lb on their scale with her shoes and clothes on.

I asked Dave what I should track for the next year. He said trips to the park.  I feel like that is more difficult but I'm trying to keep track of when we go. What else should I do?  I doubt I will track her sleep in a year. She is done with diapers so we won't have that.


  1. I love these info graphics you design.

    1. Thanks.
      I can use the calkboard one and make it with Parker info for you for his birthday if you want :) (You just have to remember in 10 months to have me do it)