Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I ran with Beth in the morning. We ran a hilly workout. It was TOUGH. I rolled my ankle while I was at it too.

I got home and showered quickly then we were on our way to a birthday party. Beth picked us up so we got to carpool. Gio and Ella LOVED seeing each other in the car. They were so excited on the way there.   I think they were more excited in the car than at the actual party. There were so many people at the party they were a little overwhelmed.  Gio sticks by Beth but Ella just goes wherever and I have to keep finding her because she's disappearing.  It was a joint birthday party and there were about 80 people there counting babies. I can't believe parties are so huge!

Ella had a blast feeding Gio pizza. She'd give him a bite then take a bite and kept repeating that. It was so cute.

They had a coloring area and Ella colored a little. She'd put a crayon in her mouth and shake her head and give the crayon to me. She knows she's not supposed to eat the crayons but they are just so enticing.  At one point she put a crayon in her mouth and then she shook her head and gave it to a mom that was close to her since I was across the room. She's funny.  Gio loved coloring and showing off his projects.

While there all the kids got in line to use a slide and Ella just gets in line too. It's the first time she's had to climb steep stairs. She did fine. She got ot the top though and didn't want to slide down. I had to go up and help her sit down. Then she was fine. Once seated she went down just fine.   After a snack from the pinata she went up the slide again and again she wouldn't go down until I went up there and helped her sit. I ended up having to go down the slide myself because there were so many kids going up the stairs to go on the slide themselves.

The goodie bags for the toddlers came with a little construction hat. Ella LOVED it. (She still loves it 1.5 months later.)

Ella napped shortly after returning home.   We baked a cake while she napped.  We used a box cake mix but then added peanut butter. We used the chocolate icing recipe we usually use. I liked the cake but it wasn't that peanut buttery.  I was still eating my first piece when Ella woke up from her nap. Dave hurried and got her and brought her to me so I'd share some of my cake with her!

We went to Cuesta Park. Before leaving, we swapped Ella's carseat to forward facing.  Ella had fun at the park. Dave was pushing her on the swing and it was like I wasn't even there. She just loves to look at him and smiles so big.  We all played and then Ella and I played while Dave went over and read on a bench. We got Arby's on the way home.  Ella starts crying when we are close to the drive thru window. She can smell the food and she wants some so she starts crying.

Ella had a busy day and she was still up past 9.  She did nap for 3 hours though.


  1. Sharing the slice of pizza is hilarious.

    1. I wonder how normal that is for kids ella always wants to feed her friends and even adults