Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 9 of Half Marathon Training

So according to plans I could
  • lift twice, 5 mi, 3 mi, 5 mi, and 10k race
  • lift twice, 5 mi, 3 mi, 9 x 400 5k pace, and 15k race
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 5 mi, cross, and 10k race
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 6 mi (4 at 8:57),  and12 mi
Here's what I did.

Monday: I ran 4 miles with the mom group. 

Tuesday: I ran 2.32 miles. Then Ella was asleep so we continued walking and walked 7 miles. 

Wednesday: I ran 2.94 miles with Puja. We did 1:1 intervals.

Thursday: I walked for about an hour.

Friday:  I ran 4.17 miles. My goal was 10 min pace but then I did so well on mile 2 I made my goal 9 minutes for the last 2 miles. My 4th mile was 8:20. I also did a ton of planks trying to get videos ready for my plank challenge. 

Saturday: Rest

Sunday:  I ran 5.11 miles. I did a lot of planks ton planks to make some videos for my plank challenge next week.

Total Running Mileage: 18.56
Total other things: 2 walks, 2 planking activities

Summary: The mileage was lower because the long run was cut short. But it was still decently high. Also I walked a lot more this week than normal too. I didn't manage to do any Focus T25 though even though I wanted to. 
(Look a recent picture at the top!)


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    1. July 12. (12 week training plan!)
      I hope I can still do longer runs on the weekends. I like that. But not sure I can get anyone else to do them if there is no race for them to train for.