Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I heard Ella crying at 6 AM. I'm not sure when she woke up since our wireless router broke so then the baby monitor doesn't work.  I woke up a few times in the night freaking out that I heard her. She was asleep every time though.

I was rocking Ella and she seemed drowsy so I rocked her back to sleep. This is the first time rocking has put her to sleep! She woke back up at 7:35. I took a little cat nap in the chair instead of putting her in the crib.

We went for a run near 9 AM.  We played and hung out.  We never actually went to the park or anything and just stuck around home. Ella was playing with me and started to give me a big hug. I thought it was sweet but then she went and bit my neck! I still had teeth marks hours later.  She bit me again twice.  She's teething but she was also starving.  I was so fed up with her I made her stay in the pack n play while I showered. Then I fed her. She ate a lot. She ate like an hour earlier so that's why I didn't realize she was starving.

During playing she dug in my closet and found some dressy shooties and gave them to me. I put them on and she liked that. Then when I took them off, she tried to put them on me herself.

She went down for her nap a little after 1:30 and I got her in the crib!!!!  I wasn't that productive while she napped. I didn't watch TV because then I'd never hear her if she woke up.  I did do laundry and some stuff on my computer.  My aunt also called and I talked to her over an hour!  It was nice to relax.

Dave came home early since he was offsite for work.  He brought dinner since it was so early and I was on the phone so I didn't get to cooking. As soon as he ate, he started working again. Ella played and I did this or that. I got a lot and also nothing done. I'd clean something up and then she'd mess it up right after. While I'd clean that thing up she would mess something else up.  I don't know why I bother. Oh yea I do... people are coming over Friday and this place is awful.

We had some cookies later and then put Ella to bed. She didn't even cry but I have no idea how long she was awake in there since I can't view her on my app. I miss my app!!! Ella had so much fun eating cookies but I think it was because I pushed her high chair to the table and she used the table top instead of her tray top. She was at the adult table in her mind and so happy about it.

After Ella was in bed, I thought I heard her cry a few different times. Dave thought I was nuts but paused the TV. Sure enough she was crying.  I went in and asked her what was wrong and she pointed to the potty chair.  She had a diaper full of pee. I had changed her diaper before she went to sleep.  I guess she didn't like to pee her diaper!

Then she wanted to play a bit so she slept for an hour then was up for an hour then back to bed at 10:30.

After Ella went to bed I spent an hour making some gifts. (Before Ella went to bed, I spent more than an hour all broken up researching another gift. It must have been gift day and I'm still not done though.)

Ella now goes "ah ah ah" like the count. When I ask her what the count says she does it.  But now she is confusing it with cow and when I ask her what the cow says she does the same thing.
Ella likes to climb in and out of her high chair now and is so proud of herself for getting up in it.
She made a t sound that I don't remember her making before. Then she was making it over and over again.  Now I need to think up words to get her to say to use it.


  1. The cleaning thing- we have the same problem. It's the struggle.