Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30. That was sleeping in more than she was lately. She woke up with a dry diaper. I actually only noticed the dry diaper after she nursed. She stayed dry through all that too. When I was getting her dressed, she was pointing at her basket of bows. She wanted to pick one out and ended up picking the yellow one. After a little bit of her hanging out on the rocking chair, I decided to try to put pigtails in her hair. They lasted about a half hour. She started pulling and tugging on one so I took them out so she didn't end up tearing out her hair.

We waited over an hour to wake Dave up.  Ella and I had cereal. Dave wasn't hungry.
Later he ate but it was not a good time. He wouldn't eat in the kitchen and then nothing went well and he claims I ruined his day. I like how I am supposed to watch Ella all day and clean up on Mother's Day while he plays games.   So I'm going to quit talking about it and just say the day was pretty much awful.  A neighbor did bring me flowers though.

Ella wanted to nap early. Then she would only nap on me. It was a short nap.

We played in the yard at one point and did lots of playing in the house.

Ella wanted to nap at 6 and then a bit after 7 I got her in the crib and she stayed asleep. Too bad she wasn't dressed for bed.

I used a tripod to take pictures with Ella.


  1. Sorry you had a crummy day. Ella's pigtails are so darling!

    1. It sucked for a normal day but really sucked for Mother's Day :(