Monday, June 29, 2015


Ella was up early and then I went to run a 10k race.  Dave stayed home with Ella.  I was gone for 3 hours.  I ran with Beth a lot of the time. We went so fast and she even had a sprained ankle and had her ankle in a brace.

The uphills were pretty bad and the downhills were steep too.

I got home and Ella wasn't a happy camper.  She wanted to nap early and then we didn't end up doing anything.  She only napped on me.  It's rough.  I can't ever do anything.  She barely napped at all because I attempted to get her to the crib.  I come out from her napping on me Dave was playing his game. He didn't clean up the mess from when he fed Ella. He said he didn't have time. Yeah right. I didn't have time because I had Ella napping on me. He got to play his game for an hour.

I did get Dave to take some pictures of Ella and me but she kept wanting to sit beside him or sit in the chair and he didn't want to get up to move around so we barely got any.

Finally at 6 PM Ella napped for an hour.

Then she stayed up a little past 9.

Her sleeping schedule has been so messed up. I can't get her to sleep in later so then she naps earlier in the day but she won't nap as long either. I don't know what the deal is. But then she's so tired and miserable a lot of the time. It makes for very very long and challenging days for me.


  1. Congrats on your race. I still think you got some good pictures.

    1. I did include a ton but you see it was a struggle in most of them with Ella.