Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 6 of Half Marathon Training

So according to plans I could
  • lift twice, 4 mi, 2 mi, 4 mi, and 5k race
  • lift twice, 4 mi, 3 mi, 3 mi pace, 40 min tempo, and 10 k race
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 4 mi, and 5k race
  • 3 mi, 6 mi, 2 mi, 10 mi 
Here's what I did.

Monday: I ran with the mom group and we did 4.15 miles at 10:13 pace. Then later I did Focus T25 Total Body Circuit.

Tuesday: I ran 3.53 miles

Wednesday: I ran 3.29 miles

Thursday: I really had my heart set on running before Dave left for work to do a speed workout but neither Ella or Dave cooperated so I didn't get to do my  mile repeats. Instead I ran 3.19 miles in the neighborhood.  

Friday:  I was going to have a rest day but I did walk about 2 miles.

Saturday: I ran 8.1 miles. I pushed a double jogger about half the time and Beth did the other half. We ran an impressive 10:11 pace. We also ran with Marie but she was able to leave Clara at home. Actually Gio had to go so I took Ella so they were together. At mile 3, Ella caused me to stop 3 times. Then in the last mile we were stopping a lot. I did pause the timer almost all the times we stopped. 

Sunday:  Rest Day.

Total Running Mileage: 22.26 (and I find this funny because last time around I did 22.77 mi
Total other things: 1 walk, 1 T25 DVD

Summary: I was above the planned mileage for the week but did not get a speed workout in. So I'm a little bummed. This week I think my mile pace was the most similar; the range is 10:11-10:47. 

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