Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The pictures seem to be a lot of the same. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ooh I had a post already written. Here's what I wrote:
Ella woke up at 6:30. She only slept 8 hours and 20 minutes!  We woke Dave up pretty early and read books.  I got ready to run but my running buddies weren't quite ready. Then we ran at 10 am.  It was 34 degrees at 9 but 42 degrees at 10 so it was nicer to run later.

Ella fell asleep on the run and napped for 40 minutes!

I got home and showered.  We played a bit after.

We went out to lunch. It was freezing. My hands were so cold in Jersey Mike's.  Then we went to Sprouts.  Then Dave tricked me and we also went to Safeway. We didn't get home until 2!  Ella was fighting falling asleep in the car and we tried our hardest to get her to stay awake the entire 5 minute drive.

Ella napped for 1.5 hours and then woke up and was cranky. She wouldn't drink her cup of milk. She kept pushing it away. I decided to go nurse. She fell back to sleep. we both slept another 1.5 hours!!! I napped too. It was great.

Then we did a google hangout with my parents. That lasted 1.5 hours! Time sure flies.  At one point I got up to get a book and Ella just went over and closed the laptop. I had to initiate another call.

We fed Ella during the end of the hangout. My mom loved seeing her eat a hoagie.  Ella nods and shakes her head to respond to things we say. At one point Ella held out her hand to share her bread with my mom. It was so cute. I cannot wait until they visit.

We watched a little TV then it was time for bed. Ella didn't seem like she'd go to sleep. She seemed wound up. But she did fall asleep in about 10 minutes.  Dave put her ipod (well little music toy) in her crib and she found that and was playing it.  He put it there so in the morning she might turn on the music and that will wake me up via the baby monitor app so she doesn't have to cry extra loud for me to hear her. We will see if it works as intended after a few days.  She only cried for less than a minute total all spread out. The ipod might have helped with that but also I thought she was going to fall asleep sooner and then she sat up and started playing with it.

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