Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Ella woke up near 7:30 and we played and I read to her. She wanted so many books. I read for the longest time.  This woke Dave up.

Ella and I went for a run at 9.  Ella was actually pleasant.  She was in her footie pajamas plus a jacket and a stroller blanket plus a light blanket. It was 40 degrees out! (The app says it felt like 45.)  I got a tour of Kathryn's house. I love house tours.

I got home and showered then I went back to Kathryn's to pick up a bike, puzzles, games, and a bag of clothes (I think). Ella is going to have stuff without us having to buy it all. YAY!

Ella was very cranky. I don't know why. It was making Dave mad too and then that made her sadder.  We did a lot of cleaning up so maybe she wanted more attention. Some parts of my craft room shelves are the neatest they have been since before we moved here.

Ella napped right at 1! She is pretty consistent. It only took about 11.5 months for her to get consistent.  During her nap, Diana called. She is cleaning and organizing her house and asked if Ella would like a play kitchen. Now we have one of those too. We plan to put it away and get it out in a few months. She has so many new things now.  It sat in the house since we didn't get it into the garage and she played with it. She loved it. She even played with it over touching the tree or tormenting Poly.

I'm trying to wean Ella more from nursing because she likes to nurse 10 times a day or so! I've started removing 1 nursing and substituting with a cup of milk. She drinks from a straw. Mostly it's pumped milk but sometimes I've tried cow's milk.  Today she finally drank 1.5 oz then an additional 1 oz. This is actually progress.  I hope to write a post about my experience with nursing but I have many posts in mind and I may never get to it.

Ella and I hung out playing on the office floor while Dave played his video games for a long time.  Then we went to Outback for dinner.   Service was so slow. They took forever to give us bread. And by forever I mean we had to ask twice and it not only came after the appetizer and after Dave's soup but also after our meal.  We went through ALL of our snacks that I brought. If the appetizer didn't arrive in the next minute, Ella would have been freaking out.  Everything was just so slow. It even took Dave forever to get his water. I got water and he got a mixed drink and water. So the waitress brought me my water and then about 10 minutes or more later he got his drink and then after that he got his water.

After we got home, Ella played with the kitchen a little and then she went to sleep.

I played on the computer for about 4 hours after that!  I always have so much I want to do.

New Kitchen
Little Bugger

Water Table Fun (without water)


Silhouette Picture (I want to make it a yearly thing)

I used the tripod so I had to wing some things. I have to keep doing this. The first year I took it  before Ella was born.

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