Thursday, December 3, 2015


Ella watches her iPad at meals a bit too often.
My plantar fasciitis is bad. I don't think the pictures even do it justice. Look how swollen that plantar fasciia is.
Poly is having a blast on me...
 Then Ella joins in!

 Now Ella is on me and Poly is gone!
Ella likes to draw.

We headed shopping and Ella had to get her hat and her purse before we left.

We got lots of good stuff at the Dollar Tree. But then after I got Dave to drive and he got so mad about bad drivers and lights that he was in the worst mood. Then Chick-fil-A was so packed.  He says it's all my fault for making him drive. I don't see how I should always have to drive anyway. But then he was in a bad mood all day.

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