Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Since we had computer issues, Dave would rather I ran with Ella so he can research and plan for fixing our computer.  Beth and I ran 8 miles We took turns pushing the double jogger. I did about 4.75 mi and she did 3.25 miles. We were going to do 2 miles to 1 mile but then switched a little differently.  Both kids had dry pull-ups at the end. We were impressed. Then they both used the travel potty.  Beth and I did our push-ups. Both kids joined in here or there.  We hung out and played a bit too. Neither kid wanted to leave.

When walking in the front door, Dave was right there and said "boo."  I jumped and screamed because it scared me.  Ella apparently got so happy when it happened then laughed.  Dave took Ella right away and they were so cute I didn't hop in the shower right away.

Ella ate. She wasn't that content. I gave her a peanut butter cup so that I could get dressed.  While this was happening our side door opened. Dave thought it was me.  We aren't even sure how it opened. It should have been locked. But even if it was locked, it shouldn't be flying open.  

Dave needed to work on the computer. Ella wanted to "help" so for over an hour, I sat in the office with Ella while she watched and tried to help.

She napped around 2.  Instead of taking that time to fix the computer, Dave decides that after lunch it's time to watch many episodes of TV. He claims he was tired. Well I was too because fighting Ella off touching the computer and keyboard was tiring.  He only started working on the computer 5 minutes before she woke up and she had a really long nap. It was almost 4 and a half hours!

We hung out and watched him work on the computer again. I couldn't do anything. Ella did a lot of drawing. Then she drew on my desk. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. Then she drew again just to wipe it so she got a time out from drawing.

I got leftover pizza to eat and she stole it and ate a lot at lunch and at dinner.  Dave wasn't hungry when I would ask him about dinner so he wouldn't provide input and didn't seem to care about Ella needing to eat. I let her eat right in the office and watch Dave and told her it was a special occasion.

Since Ella's nap was so late, we didn't even start bedtime routine until after 8:30 and then Ella was up in her crib until about 10:15.

Dave and I watched Remember Me on Netflix.  Ever since the first few minutes Dave kept saying how he hates the movie because it was leading up until 9/11.  After the movie he read reviews and people didn't like the surprise ending. He said it was no surprise at all.


  1. I thought you were going to say Ella got scared too when Dave yelled boo. I hate when Tanner scares me. He thinks it's hilarious.

    1. Ella loves being scared. I do not. Just the other night Dave got me and I fell to the ground after screaming. Dave and my brother have been scaring me for years.