Friday, October 28, 2016


It got hotter the more we were there so Ella took to sleeping without clothes on.

We were starting to get ready to leave but it seems like the suitcase isn't efficiently packed and has too much in it.
Apparently sock are for your hands not your feet.

We went out for breakfast. Ella ate pretty well but then wasn't that well behaved.  A waitress came over and gave her 2 straws to drum with and it distracted her a lot.

Little bugger Ella got into a spray that was under the sink and then spilt it everywhere.

We went to Pat's for lunch because we have to go to Pat's daily while we are there! Ella wanted cheese with her fries and did a good job dipping.

For a 3rd meal out, we went out to dinner.  It wasn't just a dinner but in place of a funeral. It was at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse. There were 9 of us counting Ella. Magen held Ella most of the time while we were eating so that gave me time to eat. I don't even know how she managed to eat salad with her left hand.

A girl at the table next to us kept wanting to come over and say hi to Ella so then she finally did.

Ella wanted Grandma Lori to hold her so then she got passed over there for a bit.

We still had our late night snack too.

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