Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Father's Day Photoshoot

My friend and I were planning a photoshoot for a bunch of toddlers. We were doing a Father's Day craft and wanted a photoshoot too. After looking on pinterest, we didn't like any.  Then Angie came up with hanging ties.   We used her husband's ties and mine. Business attire at Westinghouse came in handy. Dave had a lot of ties. I thin 3/4 the ties were his.   We used a green curtain we owned and her PVC both.  Then we use tools, signs, and a kid chair.  Surprisingly it took us about 2 hours to set up. The ties were very heavy so we had to anchor everything to a tree and that helped.

 I'm pretty sure the set-up took so long because of our toddlers always getting in the way.
Here's an example of how we set it up it up with 2 chairs too!  (When taking pictures with kids I did not include space around the backdrop but wanted to take a few this way to show it it looked.)
We thought maybe someone wouldn't want to use the chair so a blanket on the ground was an alternative.
Here's a picture of Ella being Ella in the chair! A drill bit is in her mouth! (I tied  the rope with ties tighter when we did it for real. This was too droopy.)

We set it up and it was quite windy during our event so I was glad we were using the tree to anchor it.

We had 3 floor boards. I wish we had 4.
During our 2nd event, we were a little quicker setting things up.  It was warm too so that was nice.
Here's a zoomed out one that shows how the display was.  I should have cropped a square picture because most of the frames have a square spot not 4x6.

The great thing about a good camera is you can take your face out of behind the camera to get a smile and have everything crooked or have too much dead space and then just crop it later and have it still look good.
We thought about doing something with the letters D-A-D but didn't want the expense.
Here is a picture of Jaden cropped square like he will be in the frame!


  1. I'm impressed with this setup! You did great and it's a super cute idea.

    1. Dave asked me what I was doing with his ties. I told him not to worry about it. And since he's unlike me, he actually didn't care or ask further questions. (Hopefully he actually doesn't read this blog because so far everything we did is a surprise.)